The BC Secondary Schools Badminton Championship was first held in November 1973 at Killarney Secondary School in Vancouver.  The tournament evolved from discussions held during 1972 which were initiated by Daryl Thompson, President of the BC Badminton Association.  Seeking ways to increase interest in the game, it was suggested that a Provincial Championship be held at the Secondary School level.

1973 – The first meeting of schools from around the Province was held at Killarney Secondary School in Vancouver.  Nine schools played in a Jamboree which consisted on only Doubles and Mixed Doubles matches.  The championship was determined by the individual play in three events.

1974  – The tournament saw a total of eleven school teams playing at Eric Hamber Secondary School.  Over sixty schools registered with the Badminton Commission.

1977  – For the first time, the Championship was held outside of Vancouver in Westbank at George Pringle Secondary School.  Also, the tournament was changed to the spring to accommodate the many schools that played badminton during the winter season.

1978 – A new format was used to increase the opportunity for more students in BC to compete in a Provincial Championship.  This format also changed the emphasis from individual play to team play.  Ultimately, it helped to foster school spirit and sportsmanship through the playing of badminton in secondary schools.

1982 – The tournament increased to 16 teams, again indicating the growing interest in this sport throughout the province.

1983 – The Sportsmanship Trophy was added to the list of awards presented at the tournament.  The trophy is named in honour of the first Commissioner of Badminton, Mr. Rich West.  Scholarships awarded to two deserving individuals were given for the first tie.

1984 – The perpetual trophy program was completed and, as a result, teams finishing in the first nine positions received trophies.

1987 – Stan Lawson (Kitsilano) completed his sixth year as Commissioner.  The Tournament Committee came into existence during his term of office.

1988  – Ann Henderson completed a one year term as Commissioner.

1989 – Changed to a three day tournament.

1990 – The Scholarship Program was expanded and trophies were added for 10th and 11th place.  Fred John completed two years as Commissioner.  Tournament format was changed to include floating berths.

1991 – Trophies were added for 12th and 13th places.

1992 – Yonex continues as corporate sponsor.

1995 – Jack Catherwood completes term as Commissioner.

1998 – The automatic Independent School Berth for the Lower Mainland is removed and replaced with a Lower Mainland Qualifiying Tournament for school in the North Shore/Burnaby/New West Zone, the Vancouver Zone, the Richmond Zone and the Independent Schools.  This allows for a more equitable berthing formula.

2002 – Dean MacKinnon completes a 7 year term as Commissioner. Number of players to participate on a school team at the Championships is raised to 10 boys and 10 girls.  The removal of the 6 player rule greatly increase the opportunity for participation.  Tournament is reduced to a 12 team format for this year only due to teacher strike action.  Mike Charlton was voted in as the new Commissioner.

2006 – The Championship play dates were changed to coincide with the Winter season.  This meant that the event was played before the spring break holiday.  This alleviated a longer wait for the championship for both the fall and winter season teams, avoided the difficulties of coordinating the event over a holiday break, and brought the sport of badminton closer in line with all other sports under the BCSS organization.

2007 – Mike Charlton completes a 5 year term as Commissioner. He continues to serve as a Director.

2008 – Black Knight steps forward as the exclusive corporate sponsor. All-star plaques added to the closing ceremonies, as well as a Rich West Sportsmanship Prize package.

2012 – The Championship takes place in Richmond, the new permanent location for the tournament.

2015 – The Championship takes place in Kamloops, for the 2nd time in the past 5 years.

2017 – The Championship adopts a new format – the “Modified Power Pool Draw.” Jeff Hunt completes a 10 year term as Commissioner.

1975 St. Georges Crofton House Golden Abbotsford
1977 St. Georges Crofton House Golden Alberni
1978 St. Georges Crofton House Eric Hamber Golden
1979 Sentinel St. Georges Crofton House Golden
1980 Golden Mt. Douglas Kitsilano
1981 North Delta Maple Ridge Kitsilano
1982 Alberni Kitsilano St. Georges Crofton House
1983 Alberni Eric Hamber St. Georges Crofton House Kelly Road
1984 St. Georges Crofton House Alberni Mt. Douglas SMUS
1985 St. Georges Crofton House Kelly Road Eric Hamber Kitsilano
1986 St. Georges Crofton House Maple Ridge Kitsilano Kamloops
1987 Maple Ridge St. Georges Crofton House Kelly Road J. Lloyd Crowe
1988 Sentinel Killarney Richmond Crawford Bay
1989 St. Georges Crofton House Caledonia Killarney Brookswood
1990 Sentinel St. Georges Crofton House Maple Ridge Vancouver Technical
1991 Maple Ridge Sentinel Eric Hamber Victoria
1992 Sentinel Maple Ridge Vancouver Technical Killarney
1993 Sentinel Killarney Crawford Bay Crawford Bay
1994 Maple Ridge Alberni District Point Grey Fernie
1995 Sentinel Vancouver Technical SMUS Victoria
1996 SMUS Alberni District Richmond Not Awarded
1997 Cambie Maple Ridge St. Georges Crofton House Not Awarded
1998 Maple Ridge Handsworth Alberni District Caledonia
1999 H.J. Cambie David Thompson Maple Ridge Crawford Bay
2000 Maple Ridge Alberni District David Thompson Not Awarded
2001 Pinetree Steveston Maple Ridge Crawford Bay Westsyde
2002 H.J. Cambie J.N. Burnett Eric Hamber Crawford Bay
2003 J.N. Burnett H.J. Cambie Maple Ridge Not Awarded
2004 H.J. Cambie Eric Hamber J.N. Burnett D.P. Todd
2005 Eric Hamber VC LFA David Thompson Mt. Baker
2006 Eric Hamber VC LFA J.N. Burnett Crawford Bay
2007 Eric Hamber VC LFA J.N. Burnett D.P. Todd
2008 VC LFA J.N. Burnett Eric Hamber Alpha
2009 Eric Hamber VC LFA Claremont Bodwell
2010 Pinetree J.N. Burnett Fraser Heights J.V. Humphries
2011 St. George’s / Crofton House Pinetree Richmond High
2012 Fraser Heights Vancouver College / Little Flower Academy St. George’s / Crofton House
2013 St. George’s / Crofton House Fraser Heights  Pinetree
2014 Fraser Heights St. George’s / Crofton House Pinetree
2015 Fraser Heights St. George’s / Crofton House Pinetree
2016 Fraser Heights St. George’s / Crofton House Steveston-London
2017 Fraser Heights VC/LFA Pinetree
2018 Fraser Heights Pinetree VC/LFA

2019 Team Groupings

Blue Group

  1. Fraser Heights
  2. VC / LFA
  3. Port Moody
  4. SMUS

Red Group

  1. Semiahmoo
  2. Steveston-London
  3. Eric Hamber
  4. St.Georges / Crofton

Green Group

  1. Pinetree
  2. Churchill
  3. Dover Bay
  4. Kelly Road

Yellow Group

  1. Mount Douglas
  2. MacNeill
  3. Burnaby South
  4. Sa-Hali